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Beeline Pest Control on Bees

Bees are flying insects most commonly related to wasps and ants. Though probably the most beneficial to the environment, they can certainly be dangerous to anyone, especially to those who are allergic to their stinger venom. Bees are considered to be highly intelligent and social in their interactions within their species and have been known to signal, through flight, locations of pollen to other members of their hive, or living structure. Without certain bees more than one half of fruit and vegetable crops would lack pollination.

Bees, when continually building a hive, can cause damage to your home and can become dangerous if they become established in a roof line or near an attic where they can get access to the inside of the house or business. If bees detect you are attempting to remove or kill them, they release a pheromone that will attract more bees and possible a whole swarm.

Wasps and bees, though related, are certainly different in physical appearance as bees do not have a narrowing abdomen leading to the body (thorax). Bees also feed their larvae pollen and nectar where as wasps feed their young insects such as spiders; however, just like bees, wasps should be dealt with by professionals.

Serious precaution should be taken when dealing with bees or wasps. If stung, you should likely seek medical assistance as a precaution and then please contact us for assistance as bees and wasps are our specialty. Beeline Pest Control handles more bee infestations in the McLean County area than any other company.