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Fleas are wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. Fleas have mouthparts adapted to piercing skin and sucking blood from its host. These tiny pests are capable of jumping vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally up to 13 inches. A tough, polished body with spines and hairs aimed backwards makes moving through hair and feathers all to easy for these insects. A thorough cleansing process is required for everything you or your pets may have come into contact with, including your home.

Eliminating a flea infestation from a home requires a multi-faceted approach and should be addressed at the first signs of noticing an infestation. Treatment involves not only killing the fleas, but also thoroughly vacuuming floors, and washing bedding and any other place where the fleas have come into contact with, plus safely ridding your pets of fleas. Because an infestation is difficult to eliminate, seeking professional pest control is highly recommended.

Cockroaches are scavenger insects feeding on almost any food source including pet food. Cockroaches will emit airborne pheromones used for swarming and mating along with leaving chemical trails in their feces. These chemical trails can transmit bacteria onto surfaces which can potentially be hazardous to human health. Chemical trails can also be used by other cockroaches to find food or water sources.

The cockroaches flat like body makes it easy for them to crawl into dark narrow spaces where they tend to hide most of their time. When you begin to see cockroaches is usually an indication that you have a larger infestation and there may not be enough room for them to stay hidden.

Mice and Rats can typically be distinguished by their size. Mice are smaller with proportionally larger looking eyes, small triangular heads and skinny tails while rats are larger rodents with small beady looking eyes, stubby heads which appear larger compared to their bodies and thicker tails.

Mice and rats can carry and spread disease and have been linked to some of the most devastating outbreaks of diseases such as the plague and more recently in the outbreak of the hantavirus (HPS), which can be fatal. These rodents spread disease to people through urine and droppings or by coming in contact with an infected mouse or rat. Both of these vermin can even cause damage to your home or structure by chewing through wood, pipes, cables, and even electrical wiring which can start a fire in your home or business.

These are just a few of the common unwanted pests you might find in or around your home in Central Illinois. We hope you find this information useful and...remember to call Beeline Pest Control at (309) 828-7330 for more information or pest removal. We're here to help!

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